Destination Download Video Series

The Download: Saudi Arabia with Melissa Biggs Bradley

After spending centuries shrouded behind a veil of mystery, Saudi Arabia has revealed itself to be a destination eager to welcome visitors. What awaits within the kingdom’s sun-drenched deserts, glimmering oases and busy urban centers defies all expectations. In just one day, explorers can gaze upon ancient tombs that stand unmarred by crowds, offering a portal into another era; they can dine among expats and expensively draped princesses, upon plates by a Michelin-starred chef—then join a passing group of Bedouin for coffee; and they can walk in the footsteps of Moses and Muhammad, along trails that will soon become the streets of clean-energy cities, now calling the world’s best and brightest to build our future. Saudi Arabia at this moment presents the ultimate traveler’s secret and a trailblazer’s fantasy—the chance to go back in time to a world where places remain undiscovered, and to look forward at realities being born from dreams. Will you see it for yourself? Visit to learn more and request the itinerary—and join now!

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